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Every year, John Rogers ’80 and his wife, Michelle, establish a deferred charitable gift annuity gift (DGA) to Boston College; they’ve now established 17 DGAs. “Charitable gift annuities are a great tool for retirement saving,” says John Rogers. “This is a lever we can use to save, to reduce our taxes, and to support BC. I wish more people knew about them. And they’re really easy to set up.”

A gift annuity provides a fixed income to the donor for their lifetime while ultimately supporting the University. A deferred gift annuity just means that the money is invested longer before the annuity begins making payments.
In the Rogers’ case, their annuities will begin providing quarterly payments to the couple when John turns 65, and will continue for John and Michelle’s lifetimes. The couple receives tax benefits—both when the gift is made and then in reduced capital gains when payments are received—and a secure income stream for life.

John Rogers, CFO of Retrieve Technologies, Inc., says that because he’s worked in high tech start-ups most of his career, he often hasn’t had traditional retirement savings options such as pensions or 401K plans.

The Rogers’ gifts support the Flynn Fund, which provides financial aid
for student-athletes. The Rogers have a lifelong love of BC Athletics—the couple, who live in southern New Hampshire, held season tickets for hockey, basketball, and football until recently—and a determination to help students enjoy the full BC experience.

That’s a personal mission for John Rogers, the first in his family to go to college. “I worked all four years to put myself through BC. I wasn’t able to absorb as much as I wanted to of campus life,” he recalls.

Michelle Rogers has come to share John’s love for the Heights and its student-athletes. “When we were dating, we went to every single football game, and I loved it. There is so much to be proud of at this University.”

When John Rogers talks about BC, his passion is clear. He supports BC students in many ways, often mentoring them in their lives and careers. He and Michelle frequently participate in service projects, even joining BC Global Days of Service in cities far afield, painting a Catholic grammar school in San Diego and feeding people in shelters in San Francisco. He calls himself an ambassador for the University, wearing the BC logo whenever he travels to spark conversations. “We were jogging in Honolulu when an underclassman ran by and said ‘Go Eagles!’”

Their shared passion for Boston College has led the Rogers to a lifetime connection with the University—and their deferred gift annuities will make a permanent impact at the Heights. For the Rogers, DGAs were the right tool to meet their financial and philanthropic goals. The Office of Gift Planning can help you determine how a planned gift can support your objectives and make your own mark on Boston College.

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