This Must Be the Place

Under James Lizzul’s leadership, the New York City Alumni Chapter has flourished, bringing a robust community together around their common passion for all things BC.

James Lizzul ’09

“When we won at the last second, everyone stormed down the stairwells of the dormitories and ran through the Mods,” James Lizzul ’09 reminisces. “We had a kind of impromptu parade through all the pathways.”

Listening to Lizzul recall Matt Ryan’s famous comeback at Virginia Tech in 2007 to keep the Eagles unbeaten, it’s easy to get swept up in his excitement. The fire for Boston College hasn’t waned a bit, and his fellow Eagles are the source of that passion. “It comes from the infectiousness of other people’s love for BC. I remember first seeing that and thinking, this must be a really special place.” 

Since graduating and moving home to New York City to begin his finance career, Lizzul’s relationship with his alma mater has only deepened. Like many other recent graduates, his involvement with his local alumni chapter began with BC Football game watches.

About James Lizzul ’09

  • New York City, New York
  • Co-President, NYC Alumni Chapter

“I started going with a friend or two, and a couple years later I was going with 10 friends, and a bunch of those friends were people I met at a game watch,” says Lizzul. “After a while, the people running the NYC chapter asked if I’d like to be more involved.”

From there, Lizzul hasn’t looked back. Between changing venues and adding a host of immersive elements to the game watch experience, like a DJ playing BC marching band music, the New England Classic and BC steak and cheese on the menu, and drinks styled after cocktails from the late Mary Ann’s, pulling out all the stops has paid off. Average game watch attendance has quintupled, drawing 200 to 400 people per contest.

For Lizzul, the game watches are a microcosm of what makes the BC community so special. From the holiday parties and service projects to the Wall Street Council Tribute Dinner where he met his fiancée, Annie ’15, “Eagles show up because they’re invested in this place and these people,” he says. “It reminds me of something Fr. Himes said in a toast during my senior week: ‘You’re not leaving BC. You’re taking BC with you.’ It’s echoed in my mind ever since, and it’s proven true.”

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