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Entrepreneurial Eagles Patty and Greg Bartoli leverage their BC experience and the resulting success to support the next generation.

In April 2024, Patty ’99 and Greg Bartoli ’99 hosted Boston College Sarasota Alumni Chapter members for an outing at PopStroke.

Talking to Patty ’99 and Greg Bartoli ’99, it’s difficult to imagine how they balance their busy schedules. Splitting their time raising their three children, Greg overseeing numerous businesses, and trekking cross-country to open new locations of PopStroke Entertainment, the company which Greg is founder and CEO of, the Bartolis are a family in constant motion. 

They’ve become comfortable amidst chaos and change, however. With a strong foundation thanks in part to their time at Boston College (Greg playing basketball and studying in the Carroll School, Patty serving in the PULSE program and on a pre-med track), the Bartolis feel equipped for whatever challenges life may bring—from juggling the demands of hectic schedules and a burgeoning business with north of 1,500 employees, to serving on the fundraising committee for their upcoming 25th Reunion. 

“We were shaped by [our time at BC],” says Patty. “The values instilled in our family stem from that.” 

“I loved my entire time [at BC],” adds Greg, “and it positioned us well for professional success. The Carroll School’s pedigree helped me land great internships; I had an offer and a signing bonus from a prestigious investment bank on Wall Street before I began my senior year. And Patty was recruited to work at Bloomberg, one of the most innovative and successful tech companies in the world. BC played an impactful role in launching our careers.”

After more than a decade of shared success—Patty working at Bloomberg and Greg on Wall Street at Credit Suisse First Boston and then JP Morgan, respectively, the Bartolis wanted to leave the hustle and bustle of NYC behind to prioritize quality of life for their budding family. They settled in Palm Beach, Florida, and haven’t looked back since. 

The success of PopStroke is an extension of that fateful decision. A family-friendly golf and dining experience at the crossroads of golf, technology, hospitality, and entertainment, PopStroke’s meteoric rise has seen Greg and team open 13 locations across six states since its 2019 founding. “Two years ago, we only had two units open,” says Greg. “So it’s definitely been a pretty rapid expansion.”

The Bartoli family: Patty, Matty, Greg, Emma, and Jules.

When the opportunity came to showcase the business to fellow Palm Beach resident Tiger Woods and his team, Greg thought the potential partnership could be significant. “They were blown away,” remembers Greg. “They thought it was a great opportunity to be an investor and a partner.” In 2023, TaylorMade Golf joined the PopStroke team, and the rest is history. 

Acutely aware of how fortunate they’ve been, the Bartolis know their own success can’t stop with them. “You have to give back,” says Patty, a financial aid student in her time at the Heights. “Both of us ended up where we are as a result of BC.” 

Invited by University President William P. Leahy, S.J., to join the Board of Regents, Patty and Greg stepped into alumni leadership roles with casual aplomb, supporting their alma mater with gifts to the Carroll School and athletics, as well as the establishment of the Patricia ’99 and Gregory ’99 Bartoli Family Scholarship in 2021.

“Growing up playing AAU basketball in NYC, the Bronx, Jersey City, Newark,” Greg says, “I saw firsthand the impact scholarships made on my teammates, as well as the financial difficulties kids faced—not having those same opportunities.

“We feel it’s so important to give to the next generation, because that’s ultimately the legacy of these schools—they’re often only as good as the alumni and the strength of their support for their alma mater.”

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